Websites and web applications in Olomouc / Prague


Jakub Vitásek

Who am I?

I'm a programmer of tailor-made web applications. Together with maintaining an exquisite technical craftsmanship of my projects, I strive to make the project process as smooth as possible. That means meeting deadlines and sticking to the agreed price.

Development doesn't end with the launch of the final product. I also provide continuous support of my projects, which we expand with my clients according to their needs - be it a static website or an eshop with thousands of products.



Praha / Olomouc

What I can help you with


Typical presentation websites are often underestimated. You always get a premium tailor-made CMS with them.


Internal processes and systems tend to be complex. I'll gladly make them simpler by implementing an intranet based on your company's needs.


I focus on the comfort of the client when programming eshops. I always delivery good technical and sale performance, with a quality CMS

Booking Systems

I provide the client-side, as well as the CMS - all with a clear calendar view and detailed filtering.

Project Management

Apart from programming, I am able to lead the whole development of a project and make sure its final quality is of the highest standard.


Are you repeating yourself? It's time to automate. I will come up with a solution based on your assignment.